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Haringey Council additional HMO licensing

Between 11 December 2017 and 5 March 2018 Haringey consulted on a borough wide Additional Licensing Scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). As with most other new schemes Landlords will be required to have a licence if they rent to three or more people from two or more households starting 27th May 2019.

The the Council say the schemes “have been designed to improve the condition of private rented homes, reduce anti-social behaviour and support landlords by providing guidance and support.”

The proposal is to introduce:

A borough wide Additional Licensing Scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and a Selective Licensing Scheme applying to all private rented properties in 29 defined areas across the borough

“We’re committed to providing residents who wish to rent in Haringey with good quality, safe accommodation which is managed by responsible landlords or letting agents. This means working with landlords to create a more professional rented sector, and tackling those who mistreat or fail to provide a good, safe home to their tenants.

“To help achieve this, we have introduced licensing for all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) so that more landlords will have to hold a license before they can let out their homes. These licenses require landlords to keep their homes in good condition and ensure high standards of management, or risk enforcement from the council.

“On 12 February 2019 Haringey Council designated the whole borough subject to additional HMO Licensing. The scheme becomes operative on 27 May 2019 – anyone found to be operating an unlicensed HMO after this date will be committing an offence and will face enforcement action.”

For the Haringey licencing page click here

“How can I apply

We are currently working on introducing an online licence application and payment system. This is currently not available, so applicants will need to complete a paper application form until further notice.

All the information you need to apply for an Additional HMO Licence can be found on the Apply for a HMO licence page.

What is the cost of Licensing

The Licensing Fees have been amended and will now be taken in two stages.

  • A £500 fee will be paid on application a further £600 fee will be taken before your licence is issued
  • The total fee for licensing an HMO is £1,100

Further charges and discounts may apply to your application. See the Information on HMO licence fees and licence periods (PDF, 54KB) for further information.

Apply early and receive a discounted early bird licence fee

A financial incentive is available for compliant landlords – apply for an Additional HMO Licence before 27 May 2019 and pay a discounted Licence fee payment of £500.”

Source: Property118