Secure the most affordable, flexible and accessible HMO mortgage to finance your HMO Project. As the UK’s Leading whole-of-market & totally Independent HMO Mortgage Broker, we can be certain to find you the best rates and max LTVs available in the market.

HMO property Plans HMOsHMO Mortgages (Multi-let Mortgages) Available For:

  • All new-build HMO projects
  • All buy-to-let HMO projects
  • Major/minor refurbishments of operational/non-operational HMO units
  • Refinancing of existing HMO mortgages
  • HMO loans for conversion projects (house share, multi-let, holiday let and more)
  • HMO mortgages for licenced HMOs
  • HMO mortgages for non-licenced HMOs
  • Multi-let mortgages for Small and Large HMOs (Sui Generis)

As things stand today, Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are among the most popular housing options for a large section of the UK’s population. With HMOs, even the most inexperienced developers and landlords can easily establish a steady and reliable stream of rental income off their investment. The capital required, however, isn’t always readily available. That’s why, an affordable, flexible and easily accessible HMO finance package is the best catalyst to drive your HMO project towards completion.

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Key Features of Our HMO Finance Services

  • Commercial Finance Network is among the first specialist, whole of market HMO mortgage brokers in the UK
  • Over 10 years of extensive experience in brokering HMO mortgage deals
  • Illustrious track record of successful HMO projects across the UK
  • Get a decision on your multi-let mortgage application within 24 hours
  • Access specialist, whole of market HMO lenders across the UK
  • Avail the best interest rates on buy-to-let mortgages, build-to-let mortgages & other HMO mortgages
  • Flexible repayment plans and tenures
  • Free quotes, no hidden fees
  • Real-time status updates

What is an HMO?

To put it simply, a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is any residential rental property in which three or more unrelated tenants live, forming more than a single household.

Student share facilities, professional house-shares, temporary holiday lets, lodging houses and B&Bs are some of the common examples of HMOs.

HMO Finance and Licensing

It’s a common perception that for any HMO to secure a significant mortgage, it needs to have a licence to operate as such by the local council. While true to some extent, this isn’t a norm or a rule that applies in all instances. There are quite a few HMOs that simply don’t require a licence, and simply being registered with the local council is enough to secure a suitable multi-let mortgage.

At Commercial Finance Network, we’ve helped hundreds of landlords, developers and investors secure affordable HMO mortgages for their licenced as well as non-licenced HMO units.

HMO Mortgages to Power Your Dream HMO Projects

HMO mortgages are not just useful, they are often a necessity to bear the costs involved in an invariably expensive HMO project.

  • Build-to-let mortgages help developers develop HMO projects from the ground up.
  • Buy-to-let mortgages help investors purchase operational HMOs and sustain profitability.
  • HMO conversion mortgages (multi-let mortgages for conversion) help landlords convert their houses/properties into operational HMOs.

Go with the Best HMO Finance Broker

HMOs, even though often highly profitable ventures, aren’t the easiest to finance. Much the reason why, many HMO developers and landlords find it difficult to approach conventional lenders such as banks and for buy-to-let mortgages or HMO conversion mortgages.

That, however, shouldn’t mean that it’s impossible to get an HMO finance package. At Commercial Finance Network, we have access to the whole of market lenders. This allows to us to ensure we find just the right HMO finance package for your project.

“Why settle for an off-the-shelf HMO mortgage when a veteran HMO mortgage broker like Commercial Finance Network will source a customised and affordable HMO finance package just for you?”

You can find dozens of HMO mortgage brokers all over the UK, but how do you know you’re going with the best there is? It’s simpler than you imagine. Going with an experienced multi-let mortgage broker like Commercial Finance Network means that you will never have to settle for an HMO loan out of desperation. Here are the reasons why hundreds of established HMO operators, developers and landlords turn to us whenever they find themselves in need of a mortgage:

  • We never push ready-made HMO mortgages. Every HMO finance package we broker is customised for the specific project.
  • Being a truly independent whole of market mortgage broker, we have on board a diverse panel of whole of market lenders to match every application.
  • We not only broker multi-let mortgages for you, but also ensure that the funds are released to you as swiftly as possible.
  • Our HMO finance experts make sure that you get the best interest rate clubbed with flexible repayment tenure and the highest LTVs available.
  • Our customer service – with its promptness, friendliness and availability – is among the finest in the UK.
  • Commercial Finance Network is not a faceless corporation. Even though our services are spread across the UK, we have deep-rooted local presence in every part of the country.

HMO Valuation – A Critical Step

Every mortgage needs to be backed by a strong security. So, if you are planning on getting an HMO mortgage, the valuation of your property is what will ultimately determine how much you can borrow against it. Commercial Finance Network, working with responsible, whole of market lenders, ensures that your HMO project is valued fairly.

As HMO valuations go, there are two major types, Brick and Mortar Valuation (Buildings Valuation) and Commercial Valuation (Business Valuation).

Brick and Mortar Valuation

This is the most common form of HMO valuation and applies to almost every HMO project. In this type of valuation, the valuator assesses the following:

  • Size of the property
  • Structure of the property
  • Available infrastructure
  • Potential infrastructure
  • Location

While some of these parameters are subjective, others are usually assessed by the valuator quantitatively to arrive at a suitable valuation. The buy-to-let mortgage, build-to-let mortgage or conversion mortgage you’ll secure will be in proportion of this valuation, depending upon the LTV percentage.

Commercial Valuation

As far as HMOs are concerned, this is a less comment method of valuation, but yet becoming increasing popular. As the name suggests, Commercial Valuation is usually reserved to valuate businesses with an established revenue stream. Therefore, if you wish to have your HMO valued as a business, Commercial Valuation can be the way forward. It should, however, be noted that for Small HMOs Commercial Valuation usually results into a smaller mortgage amount than Brick and Mortar Valuation. On the other hand, Large HMOs can benefit from Commercial Valuation if they want to take a multi-let mortgage for minor refurbishments.

HMO experts at Commercial Finance Network guide you through the valuation process to help you decide which method would be best suited to your particular project and ensure you align with the suitable HMO finance package for your requirements.

Secure an HMO Mortgage that Works for You!

Commercial Finance Network structures the HMO mortgage around your requirements, so you can rest assured that you will never be stuck with an HMO loan that isn’t fit for you. Whether you require a whole new HMO mortgage to buy a property or you want to refinance your existing multi-let mortgage into a more affordable package, we are here to help.

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