Numerous legislation & regulations exist to control the management & development of HMOs. Here we list some of the most prominent HMO regulations.


HMO Regulations – Know the Facts

HMOs across the UK are subject to many regulations and legislations that intend to safeguard the interests of all the parties involved. If you are a landlord or an HMO developer, you are best advised to keep yourself up-to-the-date with all the relevant HMO regulations. Additionally, you can read about various HMO requirements in our simplified ‘HMO Requirements’ guide page.

HMO Regulations – Licensing

Perhaps the most important regulation HMOs are subject to is the Part 2 of the Housing Act (2004). This part issues important clarifications about the types and sizes of HMOs which require licensing and which don’t.
You can also visit this guide to learn more about HMO licensing.

Other Licensing Regulations for HMOs
HMO Management Regulations

All HMOs are expected to comply with various management regulations. You can have a detailed read of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations (2006) to understand these norms better.

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