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November 28, 2023

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About HMO Mortgage Broker

HMO Mortgage Broker is a specialist Commercial Finance Network service.

We have over ten years’ experience working with a comprehensive range of specialist HMO Lenders, with the sole intention of bridging the wide gap that has existed between responsible lenders and prospective borrowers. This gap is especially wider when it comes to HMO mortgages because very few mainstream lenders have ventured into HMO lending.

Being truly independent and a whole-of-market broker, we can offer all of the specialist HMO Finance products on the market, providing our clients with access to the best possible choice available.

Whether you’re a veteran HMO Landlord, or a novice just starting out, we’re a safe pair of hands to find the best HMO finance product for your property with great LTVs and the most competitive rates around.

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Who We Are

HMO Mortgage Broker is the Specialist HMO Finance division of Commercial Finance Network – the renowned whole of market mortgage broker that operates across the length and the breadth of the UK.
With decades’ worth of cumulative experience in HMO Mortgages & Funding and multi-let mortgage brokering, our HMO experts have all the resources at their disposal to readily assess the potential of your HMO project and find suitable mortgage offers. Unlike other buy-to-let mortgage brokers, build-to-let mortgage brokers or conversion mortgage brokers, we strive to scour all the suitable HMO funding options for the deal that suits your requirements best.

Values that Define Us

In a highly competitive industry such as this one, we’ve managed to not only continue to grow for over a decade at a time when many HMO Brokers’ have failed, but also build immense trust with every mortgage deal we conclude. A large part of this success we believe is owed to our core values and beliefs.

Working Responsibly

Our panel of whole of market HMO mortgage lenders is comprised strictly of FCA-licenced, responsible lenders. We do not, under any circumstances, encourage or participate in irresponsible lending.

Maintaining Transparency

Working in a transparent manner has always been the cornerstone of our operations. We never charge hidden fees or exorbitant consultation charges for our services, nor do we collude with lenders, thus preventing and potential conflicts of interest.

Real-time Updates

The unrivalled customer service infrastructure that we’ve developed and fine-tuned over the years is a source of immense pride for us. All clients benefit from being updated of the latest status of their applications in real-time, so you’re never left second guessing what might be going on.