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Plans to convert “dilapidated” and “eyesore” office space in Wrexham into a HMO have been refused.

The application for Unit C on Maesgwyn Road had been submitted to Wrexham Council in April 2018.

Previously the offices were home to the Wrexham tram depot before being used as a bus depot. In recent years it has been used as a garage and repair shop. However they have since been vacant for a number of years and have been subject to vandalism

Under the plans put forward to Wrexham Council it had been proposed the office space was converted into a six bedroomed House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

In the initial application documents, the applicants stated: “We feel this planning application should be looked favourably upon as the intention to provide additional accommodation within the town centre ideally suited to young professional’s seeking work or employment in the area.

“The building is prominent to existing dwellings and is currently in a dilapidated state where vandals have targeted windows and walls within the building.

“At present the building is an eyesore to local residents, by allowing this conversion to take place the building will be revamped and be a secure building ensuring vandalism won’t occur.

“By allowing us to convert the existing offices to provide a HMO we are retaining the existing characteristics of the building, reducing its impact on the current parking arrangements and ensuring parking issues aren’t magnified should the unit be refurbished as an office.”

However a delegated decision made by the council’s head of environment and planning has seen the application refused due to an “increase in the over concentration of HMOs” in the area.

A decision notice published by the head of environment and planning states: “The proposed development would increase the over concentration of HMOs within the immediate locality to the detriment of the social fabric of the area and the amenity of the existing residents.

“Adequate onsite private open space is not provided which would be to the detriment of the future occupiers of the development and to allow the development would be contrary to Policy H4 c) and d) of the adopted Wrexham Unitary Development Plan and Local Planning Guidance Note No. 5 “Houses in Multiple Occupation”.

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