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An appeal against the rejection of plans to extend a house in multiple occupation (HMO) has been thrown out.

Wrexham Council denied permission to increase the number of bedrooms at a property on Poplar Road in the town from six to eight in October.

Owner Arran Pritchard later launched an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate on the grounds that the authority did not decide on his application within the relevant timescale.

However, an inspector appointed by the Welsh Government has upheld the council’s decision.

Siân Worden said she felt it would impact on the safety of drivers at a busy junction.

She said: “The appeal property is in a busy area where there are widespread parking restrictions and many of the dwellings do not have off-street parking. There thus appears to be a high demand for on-street spaces.

“The proposed development would result in a small increase in the number of vehicles requiring parking spaces in the vicinity.

“Even so, it would increase the hazard on the local road network, and reduce its efficient use, by resulting in more drivers searching for a parking space.

“The proposed development would not make sufficient provision for parking or for a turning area.

“It would thus be detrimental to safety and the efficient use of the highway in the immediate area.”

The proposed development would need spaces for five car parking spaces.

However, Ms Worden said she it was unclear how many spaces were allocated to the property.

She said: “There are no parking spaces marked out and it is not clear how many cars can reasonably be parked there at the moment, taking into account that vehicles should be able to enter or leave each parking space even if other parking spaces are occupied.

“It is possible that three or even four parked cars would fit within the space without blocking each other in.

“They could not, however, turn and leave the parking area in a forward gear.

“Those parking at the existing HMO are likely to have to reverse out at the moment.

“Nonetheless, if the proposal necessitated additional such manoeuvres these would be harmful to the safety of pedestrians and other road users.”

Source: Wrexham

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