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A planning appeal has been submitted after plans to convert a property in Rhosddu into a house in multiple occupation (HMO) were refused by councillors.

The appeal, which has been submitted on behalf of applicants AJAK developments ltd, comes after planning committee members unanimously voted to reject plans for the property in Park Street, Rhosddu.

It had been proposed that the property was converted into a five-bedroom house in multiple occupation (HMO) for a maximum of eight residents.

However despite being recommended for approval by the head of environment and planning at Wrexham Council, committee members refused the plans amid concerns of lack of parking and amenity space.

Speaking at the time Grosvenor councillor Marc Jones, said: ““Anyone who knows Park Street will know that ironically given its name, it is one of the worst places in Wrexham to park. It is a one way street, it’s probably the narrowest street in Wrexham and people have to drive on the pavement to get past.

“If you don’t know the place you would not believe how narrow that road is. It is impossible to get past in a van if there is a van parked there. The curb stones are cracked, it’s not safe.

“A household of two adults and a number of children who may be of driving age would have far fewer cars or vehicles than with eight adults in. If those eight adults are in work it is more than likely they will need cars of vehicles to get to their place of work.

“Regardless of what anyone says, public transport in Wrexham is inadequate.”

However the appeal submitted by Mr Bob Dewey on behalf of the applicants states that the committee’s decision “does not accord with the professional recommendation made by the council’s planning officers”.

Commenting on the concerns about parking in the area, Mr Dewey says: “It is self-evident that the existing houses have inadequate parking – the road is barely wide enough for parking along one side and it is presumed that some residents use the small public car park located on the Park Street/Rhosddu Road corner.

“Given the severe lack of parking for some 27 house along the most restricted part of the road, it is not unreasonable to think that some residents may not own cars. Certainly, any occupier of this proposed accommodation would be ill advised to take up residence if she/he owns a car.”

With regards to amenity space for the HMO it is noted: “This is a densely developed urban area where the full provision is unlikely to be feasible.

“There are large public open spaces some 400 m away on either side of Rhosddu Road with plenty of sitting out areas. There are allotments adjacent to Chester Road.”

The agent concludes: “This is a proposal to bring a property into a viable use and provide much needed accommodation for people who want to live close to Wrexham Town centre. The site is therefore extremely sustainable with the centre easily walkable.

“The bus station is on this side of the centre and there are footpath links to the railway station. There are areas of green open space on both sides of Rhosddu Road close to the site.

“No objective evidence has been put forward as to why the use would cause any harm to the amenities of the area. It fully supports WG’s objective of reducing the need for private car usage.

“The inspector is requested to grant permission.”

The appeal will be considered by the planning inspector at a later date.

Source: Wrexham

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